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Why Invest in Kashi (Ramnagar)

Kashi, the ultimate pilgrimage centre...the city of light.....of salvation....of imposing temple, Ghats and delectable banarasi pan. A city as old as time. A city that has seen the world turns tides, changes and generations of human borne and dies. Varanasi/Kashi/Benares which has been standing the taste of time for over 5000yrs is said to be one of the oldest inhabited city in the world. In Varanasi, the most natural and inevitable cycle of life and death is celebrated and revered with as much gusto. Varanasi is known throughout India for its production of very fine silk and Banarasi Saree, other major commodities manufactured and traded in Varanasi include hand knotted Mirzapur carpet, rugs, brassware, copperware, wooden and clay toys, handicraft and gold jewellery. But with the passage of time the traditional face of the Kashi has been totally changed.....being the constituency of the P.M of the nation, it has been chosen as one of the heritage cities for HRIDAY- Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojnas scheme of Government of India including Metro Rail projects, Six lane highways, ring road connecting the outer skirts of the town, launching of 4G- communication system, ultra-modern residential and commercial establishment has redefined the urbanization. Property brokers say price of land in and outer skirts to the city have already started to rise with builders and investors bigning to create land banks. Investors and moneyed people from Bihar and Jharkhand are on the lookout for the land on city outer skirts, particularly when Varanasi and its outer skirts have to be developed as 100 smarts cities in Modi’s regime. A month ago Modi signed an agreement with Japanese counterpart to have Kyoto as a partner in the development of Varanasi. Local property brokers says announcement such as these have raised the curiosity of the people and there has been a spurt in interest from investor in U.P, Bihar AND Jharkhand and neighbouring states.

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